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Scissors Care

Taking Care of your Scissors will pay huge dividends in how your Scissors/ Shears cut and how long they last. Following are some tips to follow to Care and treatment of scissors, safety & sharpening. Scissors that are properly being taken care of can be enjoyed for a long time. But incorrect use and handling will ruin them.
The following advice should be noted:

1) Keeping scissors Clean
Dust, fluff, and the remains of cutting material should be wiped off the cutting edges and blades. The scissors should be stored in a dry place. This applies particularly to nickel-plated, carbon steel scissors and shears because the unprotected areas of the surface are prone to corrosion in the damp air.

2) Keeping Scissors Safe
Do not store your scissors in a bag or box. The tips can be damaged, nicks can occur, as well as other physical damage. Use a specially designed professional hair shears case, a fabric tool roll, a wallet, or an acrylic stand in which to store your shears.

3) Maintaining the easy closing action
Now and then the screw slot and the between should be oiled with a drop of fine oil. Thus the easy closing force of the scissors will be maintained. Clean and oil your hair scissors on a regular basis (around the screw head and between the blades once a day). Do not use just any oil. Select the one provided by your shear manufacturer or your sharpening service. They will provide the correct type of oil and a needle-nosed oil bottle that will allow you to put the oil where needed.

4) Checking the blade tension
Check the tension of your shears periodically. If it’s too tight, the blades will grind against each other as they cut, too loose and the blades will fold and bend hair instead of cutting. This may also cause nicks. To check the tension, with your left hand hold the shears by the ring without the finger rest, point facing up. With your right hand hold the ring with the finger rest, and open the shears so that it forms a cross. Release the ring in your right hand. It should drop only slightly, if it falls more than slightly, it’s too loose; if it doesn’t move at all, it’s too tight. Adjust the tension accordingly with a tension adjuster or by turning the tension adjustment knob. Never adjust the tension on your scissors while the blades are open. This will eliminate the possibility of nicks to the blades.

5) Regrinding by specialists only
If a pair of scissors is used extensively, the cutting performance may suffer. It is then advisable to seek the service of a specialist retailer there the scissors will be taken apart, the inside of the blades reground, the closing action re-established and finally the blades re-honed. Afterward, scissors and shears are practically as good as new.